Keidi Obi Awadu

Keidi Obi Awadu

The Conscious Rasta

The Road to Power: Seven Steps to an African Global Order

Along our journey through history from the dawn of civilization to the heights of influence, through collapse and degradation, to redemption andeventual restoration to Ma'at, we Africans have taken many turns. Many of our recent diversions were instigated at the hands of others, but the responsibility for staying on course toward our destiny is our own. We can only correct past failures by projecting a strong vision of our restoration and aggressively building upon that vision. Should we delay acting upon such imperatives, history has shown that we can expect to flounder in the wake of those ships whose captains have set sail upon a firm course into the future.

Thus we have taken on this task of making a genuine attempt to construct a master blueprint for our group elevation. Toward furtherance of the tactics that are set out in this enhanced edition of the Conscious Rasta Report, we are calling on our people to fundamentally change the modes in which they have come to think, react, act and have allied themselves to a chaotic Western culture. This vision will entail our re-commitments toward morality, productivity, values and ideals, new rituals that will bind us to our inheritance and to our posterity, race pride and unity, as well as toward a single-mindedness centered upon a strong strategic vision.

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The Road to Power: Seven Steps to an African Global Order

This classic research by Keidi Obi Awadu lays out a comprehensive plan to create a dynamic global movement to empower African people. Much background is shared to demonstrate a proper foundation for our construction. The plans are detailed, timely and technically savvy. The outlook is optimistic and realistically self critical. This is a Master Plan that has proven to embolden and empower all who would commit to carrying out such strategies. (CRP-EB18) $10.00 eBook in Adobe PDF.

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If you would prefer the book in audio form:

Road to Power: Seven Steps to an African Global Order on MP3 - This set of 8 lectures and one program will answer so many questions as to how we really can move forward a global Pan African agenda while building up our selves, families, communities and groupings around the world. The 7 steps are practical, visionary and based upon a solid body of research that can be easily confirmed. Now that we have this brilliant plan, can we mobilize as individuals and as cooperative groups to delive this victory for our children's benefit? 9 titles $40.00(LIBCD2622-All)

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